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General Cargo

General Cargo is the centrepiece of Sea Swift’s services.  Regular scheduled services to the communities we supply is the cornerstone of the communities operations.  Each communities needs are different, and therefore, Sea Swift needs to provide a customised solution for each community.

Sea Swift’s model of working with communities and other stakeholders to keep pricing as low as possible whilst being sustainable in the long-term gives the certainty business and community needs to continuing growing.

As outlined above our General Freight offering is made up of many aspects and variables personalised for specific communities infrastructure, wants and needs.  Some of the aspects Sea Swift offers are:

a)      Regular scheduled services  - on the map below communities with a black placemarker are our depots, in yellow are communities with regular service schedules, in red are communities with wet season services only and in blue are communities that are by booking only. 

b)      3PL services – Should you need to get freight to you from anywhere in Australia or the World we can help and organise this for you.  Whether you need a box on airfreight, some pallets by road, a 20' container by rail or something shipped in from overseas including customs and quarantine clearances, we can help you. 

c)      Additional services – Sea Swift also provides additional services in the communities we have depots in, including remote fuelling (bunkering by barge and bulk fuel either delivered or at our depots), fleet hire (truck, forklift, ute, sideloader, containers - dry and refrigerated), labour hire, maintenance capability, air freight agency work and deliveries.  Sea Swift can handle any and all of your requirements.

Sea Swift is a one-stop shop for all transport and logistics needs across coastal and island northern Australia.

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