We have delivered projects right across Australia specialising in northern Australia

Sea Swift is a specialist in providing logistical support for major infrastructure projects. Operating between land and sea, over long distances, on rugged coasts, on tidal flats with limited access and in the face of unpredictable weather, our team of highly-experienced logistics and marine personnel excel at getting the job done.

Sea Swift is able to move all cargo, but when it comes to large-scale projects that need to ship large mobile plant, bulk fuels, construction materials, modular housing, worksite buildings, terrain cranes and prime movers, Sea Swift stands alone.

With specialised equipment and personnel to effectively manage projects of all sizes in the most remote locations, our committed team of logistics professionals can also oversee the stowage, loading, and discharging of cargoes and the scheduling of charter services.

Minerals and energy exploration, extraction and processing, often in remote locations and in harsh conditions, create unique transportation challenges.

A company with the extensive, hands-on experience and proven track record of Sea Swift can help to guarantee the success of any project.

Our extensive fleet can be deployed in support of major projects from east to west throughout northern Australia, Papua New Guinea, South East Asia, and the Western Pacific.

Sea Swift has assisted large resource and gas projects around Australia, while also providing ongoing distribution services with major national and international fuel companies.