First-class solutions across our range of sea and land-based assets.

Sea Swift Engineering and Technical Services offers an integrated multi-disciplined in-house service that supports our challenging core operation of providing logistic and maritime solutions to the remote communities and islands of Northern Australia.

The in-house capability ensures that our vessels, plant, and infrastructure are designed, developed, built, and maintained to a cost-effective life cycle from capital outlay through to disposal.

Our dedicated team prides itself on being able to deliver first-class solutions across the whole range of Sea Swift’s sea and land-based assets, and an unparalleled ability to control the whole process delivered through a broad range of expertise.

Our in-house capabilities include:

  • Naval Architecture design and modification solutions
  • Mechanical design and certification
  • Asset management through planned maintenance software
  • Structural and component fabrication and maintenance
  • Electrical and refrigeration services
  • Mobile equipment maintenance and refurbishment including forklifts, loaders, trucks, trailers, and fuel tankers
  • Fixed asset maintenance to Sea Swift’s many infrastructure buildings, ramps, fuel farms, etc.
  • Planning and Project management of vessel refits
  • Internal load planning, stability, and regulatory compliance to vessel and mobile equipment
  • Vessel component rebuild services.

An important component of our core services is to ensure our staff are continuously developed through training, and that we remain focused on technological development, providing a competitive advantage and subsequently employee and client satisfaction.