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Tug And Barge

Sea Swift operates six ‘tug and barge’ sets which work in tandem to deliver any project you have.  This can be done either as 'wet' (Sea Swift mans and manages the vessel) or 'dry hire' you hire the vessel/s and crew them although we will always have the engineer from the vessel onboard.

Our tugs

Our powerful tugs give us the muscle to move mountains of material to and from out-of-the-way places. This combined with intimate local knowledge gained over many years by our Tug Masters can make all the difference in planning and executing the most complex and challenging projects.

Our barges

With dumb barges ranging from 1,500 tonne capacity up to 3,500 tonne capacity we have something to handle all project requirements. Successful projects delivered include civil (aggregate, sand, rock, culverts), construction (steel beams, trusses, wall paneling, blocks), HME (dump trucks, diggers, loaders, cranes) and camp mobilisations/de-mobilisations (donga's, ablutions, galleys, breezeways) are main projects we deliver however we can do anything that fits on a barge.

Other Services

We can handle any and all requirements for your project from booking labour for load/unload, machinery requirements (cranes, trucks, trailers, SPMT's, forklifts, ), equipment (containers, lashing requirements, specialised carriage), professional services (marine surveying, insurance, voyage load plans, project management, pilot bookings, regulator notification).  Sea Swift can handle as much or as little of the job as you require.  

Tug & Barge Sets

  1. Arion 
  2. Agros & 1802
  3. Norman River & 1803
  4. Staaten River & Chrysus
  5. Arjuna & Carcinos
  6. Cossack & Comal III