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Passenger Facilities

  • Choice of ensuite or shared-facility cabins
  • Air-conditioned throughout the indoor areas
  • Open-air relaxation and viewing decks
  • Dining/lounge room and licensed bar
  • All meals buffet style, as well as snacks and free coffee, tea and biscuits
  • DVD / Reading room
  • Optional tours on Horn Island, Thursday Island and Bamaga. (subject to conditions)
  • A choice between one-way Northbound out of Cairns or Southbound out of Seisia or 5 night round trip Cairns to Cairns
  • Discounted freight rate for one-way passengers wishing to carry their vehicle/campervan on board

Cruising on a cargo ship

We are proud to offer our passengers a unique and exciting travel experience because we operate the only cargo-passenger vessel in Australia. It follows that passenger facilities should not be compared to a dedicated cruise liner. The vessel is first and foremost a working cargo ship, and is bound by strict health and safety regulations. Passengers should consider their suitability for ship-board conditions and for travel to isolated areas where medical assistance may be up to a day away. Regrettably, we are unable to accept passengers who have significant restrictions to their health, mobility, sight or mental capability. If you need advice about your particular circumstances, then please call us to discuss 1800 424 422.

Specific Queries

Q. How early do I have to book? A. The earlier the better. For travel in the High Season we recommend  booking as early as possible.

Q. What if I have a food allergy? A. Please let the Cruise Supervisor know at time of booking and we will do all we can to cater for this.

Q. Can I bring a pet? A. No, but should you be on a holiday and have one with you, there are Pet Carers in Cairns who can organise a stay for your pet whilst you are on the cruise.

Q. Can I bring alcohol on board? A. No the Trinity Bay is a licensed premise and is bound by Responsbile Service of Alcohol legislation.  Should this not be adhered to the Master is within his rights to remove you from the vessel at his first available opportunity.

Q. Advertised prices have changed from what I booked, what happens? A. Quoted prices for the date of travel remain if you have booked and paid at the previous rates. Current advertised prices are for new bookings.