Sea Swift’s Albatross Bay rescues crew from sinking vessel

29 November 2023

Crew aboard Sea Swift’s Albatross Bay have been hailed as life-savers after rescuing crew from a sinking vessel last night while on route from Cairns to Horn Island.

The Albatross Bay received an emergency call from the Joint Rescue Communications Centre (JRCC) just after 6pm local time that a nearby trawler vessel, the Santiego, was in distress and uncontactable.

Following several unsuccessful attempts to contact the Santiego using VHF radio, a request was made for Sea Swift’s vessel to divert to the scene.

Upon arrival at the Santiego, the Sea Swift crew made contact with the vessel and determined the ship was sinking and unsalvageable.

The Albatross Bay’s rescue vessel was then deployed and approached the sinking vessel, with Santiego crews reporting that the main engine was underwater, the generator had failed and the batteries were flat, causing them to abandon ship.

The crew aboard the Albatross Bay assisted all Santiego crew off the vessel and they boarded the Albatross Bay shortly after, complete with personal belongings and effects.

All Santiego crew members were unhurt, calm, and responsive after being rescued.

Once aboard the Sea Swift vessel, the trawler’s crew were fed and hydrated, and assessed for further needs. Arrangements were then made to transfer the crew safely ashore.

Sea Swift Managing Director Chris Pearce said he was immensely proud of the Albatross Bay crew’s ability to pivot and assist others in such an emergency.

“Our team’s swift action and expertise exemplify Sea Swift’s commitment to safety and service in Northern Australian waters,” he said.

“Sea Swift is made up of expert marine, maritime and vessel professionals, and we are very proud of the life-saving actions of our team yesterday evening.

“We have a commitment to remote areas of Northern Australia and to the people who rely on Sea Swift as the lifeblood of their community.

“Our thoughts are with the crew of the Santiego having undergone such an ordeal, and are hugely relieved and pleased all crew members are safe.”

Sea Swift is proud to service the people of Northern Australia and provide essential services to those living in remote and coastal communities, having done so since 1987.

“As one of the largest shipping employers in the country, Sea Swift ensures all crew, staff and workers have the training and development to work as safely and reliably as possible,” added Mr Pearce.