Sea Swift to the rescue to save NT fishing boat

12 May 2021

A Sea Swift vessel has helped save a recreational fishing boat from disaster in remote Northern Territory waters.

Earlier this month, Sea Swift crew on the Malu Explorer received a distress call from two people on the fishing boat Greenback, whose engines had failed in the Bowen Strait, near Wanakutja on Croker Island.

In less than one hour, the Malu Explorer connected with the crew on the Greenback, and set off en route to Darwin Harbour with the Greenback safely in tow.

This is the third rescue mission undertaken by Sea Swift in 2021, after helping out with similar distress situations in Far North Queensland, including another stranded recreational boat and a discarded fishing net.

Sea Swift Chief Executive Officer Dr Rochelle Macdonald said she was proud of the Malu Explorer crew’s actions to undertake the rescue mission.

“At Sea Swift, we always play an active role in the communities where we operate, and this includes looking out for one another,” Dr Macdonald said.

“This is another example of our crews going above and beyond to show mateship and helping out those in need.

“We’re glad the fishermen on the Greenback had a positive outcome and that we played a part in avoiding a more serious situation developing.”