Sea Swift’s mothership vessels are all specially outfitted to meet all your vital needs

Some of Australia’s richest fishing grounds are found in northern Australia. The fishing industry is large and supports thousands of people, with the efficiency of this industry vital to local economies in the region.

Sea Swift’s customised vessels are specially outfitted to meet the vital needs of transferring not only fishing fleet crew, but also the valuable catch which requires refrigerated shipping containers to ensure optimal hygiene and temperature control.

The fishing fleets comprise scores of vessels that operate around the clock for weeks at a time. With our specialised motherships, Sea Swift helps to ensure vessels and crew are well provisioned with fuel, water, food, beverages and a large selection of the everyday consumables that sustain life at sea.

As the trawler crews are regularly rotated, we also provide a convenient, comfortable ferrying service.

And – of vital importance – we transfer the catch at regular intervals, in refrigerated shipping containers that are scrupulously maintained to ensure optimal hygiene and temperature control.