PLEASE NOTE: Sea Swift's Adventure Cruise is POSTPONED until 2023 due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

Sea Swift operates the last remaining working cargo vessel to carry passengers in Australia.

For 48 weeks of the year, our flagship vessel – the MV Trinity Bay – travels from Cairns to the Torres Strait and back again.

On this route the vessel carries vital supplies to a number of communities, and passengers get to experience what life is like in this stunning part of the world.

For five nights, the MV Trinity Bay traverses the stunning waterways of the Coral Sea and the Torres Strait, loading and unloading like a well-oiled machine.

Passengers experience a mixture of stunning landscapes, cultural interaction, abundant history, life on the sea, and the camaraderie of cruising.

This cruise is so popular that it can be booked out 12 months in advance, and there are passengers that make it an annual pilgrimage, with some travellers having completed the trip an incredible 30 times or more.

In recent years, the MV Trinity Bay cruise has won numerous tourism awards and been featured in media around the world.

Due to the Trinity Bay cruise’s popularity, Sea Swift is now looking to expand our cruise operation, opening up passenger travel to other remote parts of northern Australia, creating more unique holiday experiences on working vessels.

The Trinity Bay Cruise has many options (timelines are subject to weather and tides):

  • Return – Cairns to Cairns (board Cairns on Tuesdays, arrive Horn Island on Thursday mornings, arrive Thursday Island on Thursday afternoons, arrive Seisia on Friday mornings, disembark Cairns on Sundays)
  • One-Way – Cairns to either Horn Island/Thursday Island/Seisia depending on your needs. Both Horn Island and Seisia (Bamaga) have airports with service to/from Cairns, and there is a road from Cairns to Seisia which is open for the majority of the year.

How you tailor your trip is up to you, with the certainty that you’ll enjoy the food, the company, the knowledge of how remote northern Australian freight works, and a totally unique experience to go back and tell your friends and family about!

PLEASE NOTE: Sea Swift's Adventure Cruise is POSTPONED until 2023 due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

Choose from either a 5-night round trip, or a one-way trip
(Prices per person)

Shared Facility Cabins: Private cabin, shared bathroom
Ensuite Cabins: Private cabin, private bathroom

Shoulder Season

(2nd March 2021 to 27th April 2021 incl.) (All dates – SOLD OUT)
Round Trip
per cabin
one $1,475 $1,795
two $1,090 $1,400
three $935 $1,255
four $935 $1,255
One Way Only (All dates – SOLD OUT)
per cabin
one $830 $985
two $620 $775
three $525 $690
four $525 $690

For vehicles, please contact Sea Swift Passenger Services directly on 1800 424 422 for a costing.

PLEASE NOTE: Sea Swift's Adventure Cruise is POSTPONED until 2023 due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

Just relax! Enjoy the authentic experience of life on a real working cargo ship while taking in the sights of a remote area of Australia. The Torres Strait area is often overlooked, but is a truly remarkable region of the world. A camaraderie soon strikes up between our like-minded, independent travellers who are all on board for a unique adventure.

Current travel options:

Round Trip

5 Nights / Cairns to Cairns

  • Friday – Boarding Time TBA at mandatory pre-cruise brief held at Cairns Colonial Resort 11am on day prior
  • Sunday arrive Horn Island
  • Monday arrive Weipa (disembarkation not possible)
  • Tuesday arrive back at Horn Island
  • Wednesday night/Thursday early morning arrive into Cairns (option to stay on board Wednesday night)

PLEASE NOTE: Sea Swift's Adventure Cruise is POSTPONED until 2023 due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic


  • Choice of ensuite or shared-facility cabins
  • Air-conditioned throughout the indoor areas
  • Open-air relaxation and viewing decks
  • Dining/lounge room and licensed bar
  • All meals
  • DVD / Reading room
  • Optional tours on Horn Island, Thursday Island and Bamaga (subject to conditions)


We are proud to offer our passengers a unique and exciting travel experience because we operate the only cargo-passenger vessel in Australia. It follows that passenger facilities should not be compared to a dedicated cruise liner. The vessel is first and foremost a working cargo ship, and is bound by strict health and safety regulations. Passengers should consider their suitability for ship-board conditions and for travel to isolated areas where medical assistance may be up to a day away. Regrettably, we are unable to accept passengers who have significant restrictions to their health, mobility, sight or mental capability. If you need advice about your particular circumstances, then please call us to discuss on 1800 424 422.


Q. How early do I have to book? A. The earlier the better. For travel in the High Season, we recommend booking as early as possible.

Q. What if I have a food allergy? A. Please let the Cruise Supervisor know at the time of booking, and we will do all we can to cater for this.

Q. Can I bring a pet? A. No, but should you be on a holiday and have one with you, there are pet carers in Cairns who can organise a stay for your pet while you are on the cruise.

Q. Can I bring alcohol on board? A. No, the Trinity Bay is a licensed premise and is bound by Responsible Service of Alcohol legislation. Should this not be adhered to, the Master is within his rights to remove you from the vessel at his first available opportunity.

Q. Advertised prices have changed from what I booked, what happens? A. Quoted prices for the date of travel remain if you have booked and paid at the previous rates. Current advertised prices are for new bookings.