keeping northern australia connected

Project & Charter

When it comes to large infrastructure projects in or close to the coastline of northern Australia, Sea Swift is unmatched in it’s innovative solutions, capability and commercial outcomes for it’s clients.

Operating between land and sea, over long distances, on rugged coasts or tidal flats with limited access, in the face of unpredictable weather our team of highly experienced logistics and marine personnel excel at getting the job done - safely and reliably.

Whether the project involves mobilisations/relocations/de-mobilisations of bulk material for civil jobs, heavy machinery, construction, camps and/or any other requirements to greenfield/brownfield sites, Sea Swift has the capability and networks to handle any and all requirements safely, cost effectively and to specification.

We have delivered projects right across Australia specialising in northern Australia as well as internationally to countries like Papua New Guinea, Nauru and others.

Sea Swift can provide vessels (both tug & barge sets and/or landing craft) on time charter, bare boat hire and include project management at all levels if required by the client.  We have the specialised equipment and experience needed to deliver the best possible service, and we can coordinate it the job in the most cost-efficient manner.

To contact a Project Logistics representative please enquire on this page.

or call 1800 424 422.