keeping northern australia connected


“In the 1980s, Sid Faithfull – who was running a seafood processing business in Karumba – saw an opportunity to provide a mothershipping service for the fishing fleet in the Gulf of Carpentaria. This service meant that instead of the fishing fleets coming to port regularly to offload their catch and pick up supplies, they would instead stay fishing out at sea. Sid’s vessels would go to them to pick up the fishing fleets’ catch (product), and deliver much needed supplies such as fuel, fresh water, and product packaging. This allowed the fleets to improve productivity by fishing longer, instead of steaming to port and wasting both time and fuel doing so. As a result, Sea Swift was born.”

Some of Australia’s finest fishery resources are located to the north and north-east of the continent - Northern Prawn Fishery & Australian Fisheries Management Authority. The trawler fleet that harvest these grounds employ hundreds of people and the industry supports thousands more. They are vital to the health of the regional economy.  
For Western Gulf operators there are also relationships with the Northern Territory Seafood Council.

The fleets comprise scores of vessels that operate around the clock for weeks at a time. With our specialised motherships, Sea Swift helps to ensure they are well provisioned with fuel, water, food stuffs, beverages and a large selection of the everyday consumables that sustain life at sea.

As the trawler crews are regularly rotated, we also provide a convenient, comfortable ferrying service. And – of vital importance – we transfer the catch at regular intervals, in refrigerated shipping containers that are scrupulously maintained to ensure optimal hygiene and temperature control.

Our Motherships

Sea Swift’s vessels are specially outfitted to meet all these vital needs:

  • East Coast & Torres Straits Service - schedule - freight is to be received at Mason’s Wharf, Tingira St and carried ex Cairns to Horn Island on the 9th March (at the earliest) where the Malu Warrior will provide the service
  • MV Kestrel Bay - schedule - operates in the Gulf of Carpentaria, meeting up with MV Trinity Bay and MV Newcastle Bay fortnightly, to transfer frozen product through Cairns to domestic or export markets.
  • We also mothership from our regular service landing craft wherever required and possible.