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Take a Cruise on the MV Trinity Bay

The MV Trinity Bay is the only privately owned cargo ship in Australia to also carry passengers.  For a truly unique and authentic experience come travel with us and visit a remarkable area of the world!  This cruise has won multiple awards and is one of the best bucket list trips available today. 

If you want to unwind and put your feet up watching the world go by, up and down the Cape York Peninsula from Cairns to the Torres Straits.

From the ship's deck you'll see passing vessels, rugged coast, islands, lighthouses and even whales in season.  Each night, weather permitting, you'll be able to view the stars and pick out a number of constellations. 

When in port and transhipping you'll get an indepth understanding of how crucial Sea Swift's service is to the communities of island and coastal northern Australia.  There is a flurry of activity including transhipping onto the Temple Bay for delivery to Lockhart River, to cranage on/off at port, to forklift movements getting freight to where it needs to be, through to deliveries taking place around town.

There are tours that you can partake in at:

  • Horn Island - In Their Steps Tour - for WWII enthusiasts you'll learn of Horn Island's role during WWII in an air-conditioned bus.
  • Thursday Island - Thursday Island Tour - a full tour of Thursday Island including Green Hill Fort, the Museum and the Cemetery.  
  • Seisia - Cape York Tip Tours - A tour to the northern most tip of the Australian mainland, this is definitely one for the bucket list!

All tours are conducted by third parties, Sea Swift only handles bookings and payments.  If you'd like to do any of these tours please let the Cruise Supervisor know.