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Sea Swift’s philosophy has always been to play an active role in the communities where we operate.

We have always understood the importance of supporting local communities, as we know the communities where we operate rely not only on the services we provide, but also the support we give.

We are a strong corporate citizen and provide support to the communities we service, supporting:

  • arts and cultural events
  • environmental conservation
  • community wellbeing
  • local enterprise
  • community events.

We review applications on a monthly basis with the Sponsorship/Assistance Committee going over each application and aligning with our values and budget to support the applications that best deliver value for the communities they occur in and the values of Sea Swift.

Sea Swift takes great pride in being a positive member of the communities we service. We are a strong corporate citizen and provide support to the communities we service through both direct cash contribution and in-kind support.
Sea Swift Market Connect Program

The Sea Swift Market Connect Program provides micro-enterprises with support via logistics advice and discounted freight costs to assist them in reaching markets outside of their immediate area and to help underpin the sustainability of their business.

The goal of Market Connect is to support new or emerging businesses in Northern Australia by helping to get products where they need to go.

For more information and to check your eligibility for this program, please click here.

Complete your Market Connect application via our online form: