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Sea Swift History

Early 1970’s

  • Sid Faithfull was a seafood processor trading as Point Seafoods, Karumba.
  • Identified an opportunity to Mothership to the trawler fleet to allow them to stay at sea catching, whilst their fuel/food/water/ packaging was brought to them and their catch was transported to market and waste taken away.
  • Acquired the Carlock and re-fitted it to become Sea Swift’s inaugural mothership vessel.

Late 1970’s

  • Other vessels followed suit including the Emu Bay


  • Acquired first landing craft Karunda
  • Relocated the business to the current site in Cairns
  • Commenced transporting fuel to the Torres Strait
  • Acquired further vessels and started transhipments to the Outer Torres Strait Islands (OTSI).  Sea Swift was the first operator to provide a scheduled service to the OTSI.
  • The first Trinity Bay was purpose built to be a line-haul vessel for efficiency of operation. 

Early 1998

  • Original Trinity Bay replaced with a newer vessel of the same name
  • The Trinity Bay is one of the few remaining passenger carrying cargo vessels in the world.  It is capable of carrying up to 48 passengers and has carried more than 24,000 passengers since the service commenced.


  • Jardines Shipping/Brambles exit the North Queensland market


  • Endeavour Shipping exit the North Queensland market


  • Sea Swift incorporate additional tug & barge vessels into the business further developing the Project & Charter business unit.


  • Awarded significant contracts on the Gladstone LNG construction projects


  • Original Founder – Sid Faithfull sells business to CHAMP Ventures and Harbourvest


  • January – acquired Tiwi Barge in Darwin and commenced an operation in the NT servicing the Tiwi Islands.
  • July - commenced servicing the remainder of the NT except Gove.


  • February – started servicing Nhulunbuy and the Gove Peninsula. 
  • November – commenced the process of purchasing the assets of Toll Marine Logistics regular freight assets.


  • July – the Australian Competition Tribunal approved Sea Swift’s purchase of Toll Marine Logistics northern freight assets.
  • August - Toll Marine Logistics exit the North Queensland market.
  • September - The deal to purchase Toll Marine Logistics northern freight assets settles and TML exit the Northern Territory market.


Sea Swift is now Australia’s largest privately owned shipping company with 8 depots, 30+ vessels and more than 400 employees strategically located throughout northern Australia.