keeping northern australia connected

The Sea Swift Vision

“We make a difference by connecting regions and delivering opportunity “ 

The Sea Swift team are passionate about growing Northern Australia and improving the standard of living in the region. We connect remote communities and foster economic development by providing a safe, reliable service, with pride. We live and work in a unique part of the world and our aim is to promote this and make living in Northern Australia easier by connecting our diverse cultures.

“Operating in northern Australia is challenging but it is a remarkable place filled with wonderful people and cultures with amazing possibilities and opportunities. Our vision means everything to us because by keeping the communities of northern Australia connected we can all prosper and grow, with life made that little bit easier for those that make this amazing place their home. Sea Swift is a highly professional and commercially astute provider of full service logistics solutions for anyone that operates and lives in the coastal and island communities of Northern Australia. Sea Swift delivers essential everyday items for individual customers through to large scale projects with multi-national corporations.  

Sea Swift understands and appreciates the important role we play in the development of the communities we serve.  Although we operate in a challenging environment we understand that our customers live in this environment and know what it takes to get things done. Sea Swift makes it easier for you to live and run a business by connecting communities that can be hundreds of kilometres from main supply hubs, with limited transport options.  Central to our business is providing scheduled essential services to our customers at the lowest possible cost. Sea Swift operates with integrity and will safely deliver your goods and products on time and without damage.

We have come a long way since the company was founded and want to ensure we take the opportunity to set ourselves up for another generation. We owe it to our customers, partners and employees to get this right. Sea Swift is a values driven organisation and to reach our vision we will be true to our core values of: 


We will also be true to the Sea Swift STANDARDS. Our team’s core values and the standards we set are what creates our culture and we insist that everyone within the business from the CEO through to critical remote depot workers, skilled maritime and engineering staff, dedicated operational personnel and support staff all model these values in everything they do. We build our success through effectively implementing our strategy consisting of: 

Delivering a SAFE SERVICE;
 IMPROVING every day for our CUSTOMERS;
Building the capability of our PEOPLE; and
Being ACCOUNTABLE for the services we provide.

At Sea Swift, our competitive advantage is our people who are passionate and are willing to learn and grow professionally. They put the safety of their teammates before anything else and strive to be better tomorrow then they are today in how they serve our customers. I too am passionate about what we do here at Sea Swift and I am looking forward to connecting more of Northern Australia in the future.”

Fred White, Sea Swift Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, February 2017.