keeping northern australia connected

Our Values and Strategies at Work

1. We believe in delivering a SAFE SERVICE and can meet any challenge to deliver on our COMMITMENT of getting the job done, on time, the first time and to the highest standard.

We value the safety of our staff and the people they interact with, above everything else. We also understand the importance of our customers’ freight and getting it to where it must go, when it needs to be there in the condition that we received it. We will treat your freight with absolute care and respect. When we make a commitment, you can trust that it will be kept. To ensure we can safely deliver our service we will ensure we have assessed all potential safety and environmental issues, identified risks, have planned for contingencies and taken all possible steps to prevent an issue from disrupting our ability to deliver in full and on time.

2. We are CUSTOMER FOCUSED and seek out feedback so we can learn and IMPROVE every day.

We deliver an exceptional customer experience by providing a reliable and consistent service, delivering what customers expect, keeping our customers updated on our schedule deviations, listening to feedback and exploring options with customers to improve our services. Due to the nature of remote shipping there are challenges in the areas in which we operate. If something does go wrong, we will work with our customers to rectify the issue as quickly as possible and learn from what has occurred so it can be prevented from happening again. We do this because we are performance driven and solutions orientated.

At Sea Swift we understand that the more we stay connected to our customer, the better service we can provide. Customers can always contact one of our staff and we will regularly engage with customers to discuss how we can improve our services and to measure their satisfaction. We are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to grow or improve our business with the benefits passed on to our customers.

3. We will achieve success through building the capability of our PEOPLE and great TEAMWORK.

We recognise that to run a long term sustainable commercial enterprise and deliver great services, we need to have pride in what we do and work as an efficient and effective team. We value people who are respectful, professional, courteous and supportive towards each other and we don’t operate in silos. Our employment policy is inclusive and non-discriminatory and we are committed to building high performing teams by identifying, developing and nurturing talent and rewarding effort and achievement. Our approach to innovation is to build the capability of our people and support them with the best systems and tools available to the business.

4. We are ACCOUNTABLE to our customers and to each other for the services we provide.

Accountability is the glue that binds us together. For our business to succeed we must all play our part and follow our standards. We will ensure there is effective communication to our employees and customers so everyone understands what the expectations are when engaging with Sea Swift.
At Sea Swift we believe in earning trust by making sure we are clear about what we can do and then delivering on the expectation we have set. Accountability for our actions is paramount, “we will say what we do and then do what we say".