keeping northern australia connected

The Sea Swift Standard

“You will know the Sea Swift Standard because it is always on display” 

o At Sea Swift you will notice

o Sea Swift employees are happy because they enjoy what they do - serving our customers, the people who live in the remote communities of Northern Australia.
o Our employees work hard to safely deliver your freight on time and without damage.
o A tidy workplace with professional, efficient and courteous staff.
o We work hard to find a solution to meet your needs.

o At Sea Swift you will see

o Sea Swift following our processes and procedures to deliver a consistent service and your freight being treated with absolute care and respect.
o Teamwork in action with individuals doing their job safely and ensuring their teammates are acting safely too.
o Equipment that is well maintained, safe and fit for purpose - our teams will continue to use equipment, regardless of age, provided it gets the job done efficiently and safely.
o Sea Swift is visible in the community through our regular support, sponsorship and assistance.

o At Sea Swift you will hear

o Sea Swift employees asking their team mates how they are going or for help if required and congratulating their teammates for jobs well done.
o Sea Swift asking for your feedback so we can continue to learn and improve the service.
o All about what’s going on in the business operationally and strategically and about the performance of your team.
o Positive comments about Sea Swift by independent third parties including regulators, government agencies, community leaders and industry peers.